Dirt immunity and “pig happiness”

Smearing the mud can be useful not only for the immune system, but also to set the mood. So say British researchers.

There are many stories about how “healthy bacteria” that live usually in the ground, supposedly helping to feel again the taste of life people with the most serious diseases, including lung cancer. And here experts from the University of Bristol decided to test whether these stories are true. And began to treat these same bacteria of mice. Continue reading “Dirt immunity and “pig happiness””

To deceive our immune system the microbes cleverly “playing” with viruses

The opening of the American scientists special “strategy” resorted to the causative agents of many infectious diseases, including tuberculosis, is of great importance. The researchers found that these microbes are capable to cause an inadequate immune response. Continue reading “To deceive our immune system the microbes cleverly “playing” with viruses”

Fecal matter can save lives: the U.S. created the Bank of the “healthy” feces

If weakened immunity in the intestine may begin uncontrolled multiplication of bacteria clostridia, which are relatively insensitive to antibiotics. Salvation brings the introduction into the intestine the stool of healthy people, naturally, that the United States created the first Bank of donor feces. Continue reading “Fecal matter can save lives: the U.S. created the Bank of the “healthy” feces”

Can Viagra help stroke patients?

Will soon begin a study that aims to determine whether Viagra or cialis 20 to speed recovery in patients with stroke within seven days or less from its development. The study will be carried out in hospital. Henry Ford (Detroit, USA), for today we have to find 62 more volunteers.

Two years ago, the clinic received approval to use the “little blue pill”, as many call Viagra, in an early pilot study in patients undergoing moderate ischemic stroke – the most common kind of stroke. Continue reading “Can Viagra help stroke patients?”

Soluble vegetable fibers improve immunity

American scientists in their study were able to confirm the absolute correctness of the old English proverb “an Apple a day the doctor does not happen”. It turned out that the soluble fiber of plant origin able to significantly strengthen the immune system. Soluble fiber “preprogramming” the activity of immune cells so that they change from cell”aggressors” attacking an external enemy, in cells called”builders” that help the body recover quickly after a previous infection. Continue reading “Soluble vegetable fibers improve immunity”