About the site


If You came to our website, then You care about everything that concerns the preservation and strengthening of health.
Here you will find answers to various questions, learn how to eat right and take care of themselves, learn how to take their medication properly and to use the recipes of traditional medicine. We clearly and simply explain complicated medical terms, and teach you to act correctly in emergency situations.
Most of our authors are professional doctors with great experience of practical work. They will gladly share with you their knowledge and skills, explain how to behave during disease.
At first glance it seems that a combination of “healthy lifestyle” requires some effort, is actually to be healthy is very simple. It only requires your burning desire.
Dear moms and dads, grandparents, boys and girls! Start to take care of yourself right now – review your diet regime and give up bad habits, get more fresh air, rest actively! Pamper your tired body morning exercises, and after a while you will notice how the feeling has changed and how much easier and more interesting was to live.
Our website will help you to implement these good beginnings. Learning to care for yourself, you will be able to transfer the skills of preserving the health of their children.