As vaccination of women against rubella affects the immune system of her unborn child

The fear felt by many parents in front of the imaginary and the real complications of vaccination, has led to what in the world has decreased the number of vaccinated children and frequent outbreaks of measles. The researchers examined the specific features of immunity against the disease.

In the lexicon of pediatricians around the world recently, a new word – “vaccinophobia”. So doctors began to call it is a mass social phenomenon – many parents of kids (primarily, of course, mothers) refuse to vaccinate their children against infectious diseases for fear of autism, narcolepsy, anaphylactic shock and others, as a rule, self-imposed consequences of vaccination.

Meanwhile, researchers from the Netherlands suggest on the contrary to reduce the age of the children for some vaccinations – this applies primarily to immunization against measles.

Usually a combined vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella is administered to babies after they reach 12 months of age, however, scientists from the National Institute of public health and environment of the Netherlands (National Institute of Public Health and the Environment in the Netherlands) believe that this procedure should be carried out at an earlier age.

This is due to the increased risk of infection in infants the measles virus due to the fact that in the United States and Western Europe, many thousands of children were unvaccinated because of the notorious “vaccinophobia”.
The authors found that infants born to mothers in their time vaccinated against measles, immunity to pathogens of this disease persists for a shorter time than in babies born from women who had had childhood measles.
However, the number of young women with a history of measles is not so great – they were children at the time when the “vaccinophobia” not yet prevalent as it is now, and the vast majority of children received vaccinations.

As a result, now the General population is dominated by children of vaccinated women: such children have passive immunity acquired during fetal development, begins to fade in an average of 2 months prior to vaccination – toddlers during this period are absolutely defenseless against the measles virus.

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