Modern methods of treatment of impotence are quite diverse, and today a man, faced with the above problem, will know that it is quite solvable, for example, using levitra. Of course, the important role given to medical treatment, special therapy and other ways to increase potency in men, which can be used only after consultation with your doctor.

Do not worry too much if you notice that you have problems with potency. Yes, it is too much an effort on the male ego, but it is important to realize that such a situation may arise in the life of any person. Increasingly, you can hear that with the first manifestations of erectile dysfunction faced by men at the age of 30 years. For 50-60 years about 55% of men suffer from impotence, and 70 years this figure rises even more.

To begin treatment, it is important to establish the cause. It can be obesity, diabetes, stress, lack of sleep, diseases of the reproductive system, hormonal failure, etc., Even banal lack of vitamins can negatively affect the potency and it should also be borne in mind. And the abuse of alcohol and cigarettes can not speak – has long been known that they often contribute to the development of impotence.

By the way, pay attention to the cause of the disease, as a sedentary lifestyle. It also triggers erectile dysfunction. That is why it is so important to practicing physical activity even in moderate mode.

To determine causes and to determine the method of treatment, it is necessary to visit a doctor. The diagnostics will show why there was disease, and the doctor will recommend the ways that will be most effective in a particular case. He can also clarify how to increase the potency at home, discuss any funds that you would like to use.

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