Disease prevention, or how to strengthen the immune system

Immunity is a natural defense of the body against viral, bacterial, fungal and other infections, parasitic infestations, tumors and a host of other diseases. This ability of the body inherent in us by nature, however, falling under the influence of different types of hazards and able to create many of them, the person weakens your immune system and deprived of its protection. Weak and insufficiently active immunity is the leading cause of various health problems. It is therefore very important to know how to strengthen the immune system.

What is immunity and how does it work?

The immune system is the set of reactions of various organs, cells and tissues of the human body (immune system components) to protect from foreign agents, their metabolic products, the collapse, as well as diseased (e.g., cancerous) cells in the human body. The immune system recognizes, destroys and removes a variety of strangers, protecting the integrity and biological individuality of the organism. In recognition of the aggressive agents coming from outside or generated from their own previously normal cells, the immune system focuses on the special genetic markers that could identify suspicious factor as “own” or “alien”. If the stranger does not pass control – the immune system triggers protective processes and tries to eliminate it. Elimination of risk in two ways: using special cells, lymphocytes, or production of special protein – specific antibodies. It is also necessary to say that the immune system can be congenital or acquired, humoral and cellular, specific and non-specific, and only the coordinated work of all its units may provide adequate protection.

The causes of insufficient activity of immune system

It is clear that the quality of defensive reactions depends on the condition and activity of all components of the immune system. However, the immune system, actively protect our body, itself subject to diverse influences. Some of these effects produce a beneficial effect, but much more those that weaken and Deplete the immune system. Negative impact on the immune system and the activity of the immune system provide:

  • Bad ecology;
  • Daily stresses;
  • Improper diet (high in sugar, imbalances in the major nutrients, lack of water, vitamins, minerals, foods containing dyes and preservatives);
  • Chronic diseases (e.g., diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, endocrine glands, chronic infections);
  • Bad habits (alcohol, drugs, Smoking);
  • The uncontrolled administration of antibacterial drugs;
  • Overwork and lack of sleep;
  • Acute and chronic poisoning (including in production);
  • Some physiological condition – childhood and old age, pregnancy.

Many of these factors, if you want, you can easily get rid of the effect of a number of them can be neutralized. However, some (e.g., poor environment and adverse environmental factors) remain outside the zone of influence of a particular person and continue gradually, or to actively subvert the immune system, causing the development of immunodeficiency States.

Doubt adequate immune function and to suspect the presence of immunodeficiency is possible in the following cases:

  • If you increase the frequency, duration or severity of colds, which, moreover, are beginning to give many complications;
  • In the transition of acute inflammation in chronic, frequent relapses of chronic diseases, difficult to treat;
  • In case of violation of processes of healing of damage to the skin and mucous membranes;
  • When the tendency to pustular skin diseases, fungal diseases of the skin and mucous membranes.

In such situations, you need to contact the doctor to verify the validity of the arisen suspicions, and to discuss a plan of action to strengthen the immune system, often including reception of immunostimulatory drugs.

Immune system: types and selection of adjuvants

Immunostimulants are substances (waste products of plants, animals and microorganisms) and synthetic origin, which strengthen the body’s defenses and, as the name implies, stimulate the immune system. Adjuvants differ not only in origin – they have different mechanisms of action, effectiveness, corrects a variety of immune disorders and are applied for different indications. Thus, unfortunately, many adjuvants in addition to the beneficial effects, have a sufficient amount of side effects that you should keep in mind themselves when deciding to “buy in” such a drug. From this it becomes clear that the choice of immunostimulant – a difficult task that should fall solely on the shoulders of the doctor. For reasons of efficiency and safety, many physicians prefer immunomodulators of plant origin, one of which will be further discussed in our article.

Cat’s claw is an immuno-stimulant of plant origin

Among the medicinal plants, which have significant immunomodulatory effect deserves special attention for Latin American tree creeper is known as Una De Gato, Unkariya hairy or Cat’s claw. The healing properties of this wild vine has long been known Peruvian tribes have used the bark and roots of the plant, preparing medicinal teas and teas. This natural medication was allowed to treat patients with pain in the joints, disorders of gastric digestion, cancer and restore health. Official medicine Cat’s claw has become known in the 80s of the twentieth century, and in 1995 Una De Gato received the status of medicinal plants and was listed in the International Pharmacopoeia (a collection of documents that provides the proper quality of drugs in the world). Nowadays, medical purposes, use only the inner bark of Cat’s claw, the study of which was discovered a number of substances (alkaloids), providing the most powerful among the immunomodulators of plant origin immunostimulating effect. One of the properties of these substances: increased activity of phagocytosis and inhibition of the activity of the inflammatory process, and reducing high blood pressure and prevention of excessive blood clots. Was also discovered biologically active substances, capable of exerting antiviral and antibacterial properties, accelerate the healing process and acting as antioxidants. Due to these properties the bark of Cat’s claw can be effectively used as immunostimulant, cardioprotective (heart diseases and high risk of development), anti-inflammatory (diseases of the joints and organs of the reproductive system), anti-ulcer (ulcers of the stomach and 12 duodenal ulcer) and detoxifying/antioxidant (to support liver function to eliminate toxins) funds.

To save modern man from the need to prepare decoctions and teas from Cat’s claw, pharmacologists have developed a dietary Supplement with the same title in the form of capsules containing extract of the bark of vines.


Modern medicine and pharmacology have a large Arsenal of drugs and treatments, allowing you to defeat many, including previously incurable, diseases. And yet, doctors still do not tire of repeating that the best treatment is effective prevention. At the heart of most preventative measures is the impact on the body’s defenses and immunity. Effective strengthening immunity under the guidance of a doctor can help to maintain health. Take care of your health!

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