Fatty food lowers the immune system

It is no secret that obesity is the cause of many life-threatening diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Inflammation in which the immune system protects the body for no apparent threats, is one of the consequences of obesity. Researchers from Sweden have come to an unexpected conclusion: in mice under a high fat diet, and as a result suffering from obesity, the immune system, by contrast, is not activated when the body is threatened with bacterial infection.

There is a new evidence that fatty foods harm our health. Mice, which in the study were fed lard, worse coped with bacterial infections in the blood. This was reported by scientists from the Academy of Sahlgrenska at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Mice, the diet of which 60% was from fat, compared with mice that were on nishiiwai diet (only about 10% received calories were fatty foods). As expected, mouse “saloedy” became very fat. However, what made the scientists wonder, is the fact that the immune system of these mice became less active. White blood cells are worse to cope with bacterial infestations, and a mouse caused by a bacterial infection died from blood poisoning.

“Obesity is usually associated with inflammation, which is not a consequence of infection. This means that the immune system protects the body without the need. Ironically, in mice, sitting on a high fat diet, the immune system was less active at the exact moment when my body really needed,” – said the participant of the study, Louise Strandberg (Louise Strandberg).

You know that fat people are also more vulnerable to infection, for example during a surgical intervention. In the experiment with mice, it was shown that the body’s ability to fight off sepsis caused by bacterial infection, is influenced not so much by excess weight, how eating fatty foods. Strandberg and her colleagues also investigated different variants of three genes involved in the immune system, and noticed that several of the gene variants that strengthen immunity, simultaneously associated with a lesser degree of obesity. “Thus, there are a number of links between the immune system on the one hand, and obesity and diet on the other”, – concluded scientists.

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