How to boost immunit

In the autumn-winter period people with weak immune system easily susceptible to various diseases, provoked by infections, viruses and germs. The immunity provides protection from various diseases, however, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, environment and other adverse factors are able to reduce even the most strong immunity. Against the background of these trends, many the question arises: how to increase immunity?

Signs of low immunity are fatigue, drowsiness, insomnia, as a result there is chronic fatigue, headaches, aching joints and muscles. Offer to debunk some of the myths to strengthen the immune system.

Myth 1: Self-selection of Immunostimulants and drugs

At constant colds you need to increase immunity with the help of medications. This is a myth because colds can be the result of chronic diseases – hepatitis, toxoplasmosis, ascariasis. The cause of colds can help to understand only doctor, he will be able to determine whether you need to take immune-boosting drugs. There are people who self-prescribe a different drug product than harm to your body. They believe that all immune-boosting drugs have the same effect. This is a mistake. Today in medicine there are 4 types of adjuvants: phagocytes, antibodies of immunoglobulin, interferon and killer cells. Each of them focused on a specific task.

Myth 2: Active sports

Indeed, sport strengthens the body and makes it stronger, enhances immunity, so you can choose any kind of sports – swimming, shaping, tennis, classes at the gym, etc. But in this case, note that excessive physical activity lowers the immune system and makes it weak. Especially dangerous spring, when people before the summer season exhausting your body sports, so time to bring your body in order to remove belly fat, gain muscle. The best solution would be a small load that will be increased gradually.

Myth 3: Seasonal use of herbal remedies and vitamins

People who believe that pre-season consumption of vitamins will have a positive impact on their health and enrich the body for a year, mistaken in his opinion. So they can harm the health, since higher doses at the use of vitamins and minerals can lead to an overabundance of some elements in the body that can cause various diseases.

Myth 4: Drinking large quantities of vegetables and fruit in the spring

The presence of fruits and vegetables in the daily menu, definitely the right decision. But fully recover after the winter season vegetables and fruits are not able, because the annual harvest loses much of its nutrients. A good solution would be eating the first of greens – fennel, parsley, nettle, sorrel. You can also enter in the diet of sprouted grains rye, wheat, oats.

Myth 5: the Immune system – innate

Immune system all people are different, someone stronger, someone weaker, but strengthened it is necessary for everybody, just need to remember that some people need to put more effort than others.

Myth 6: do Not resort to medical drugs

It is very difficult to boost immunity only natural foods, and Vice versa – drugs. It is therefore necessary to combine the natural vitamins with drugs. Today there are many vitamin complexes, which are selected individually by the doctor after the examination.

Myth 7: the dangers of vaccination

There is a belief that vaccination causes weakening of the body. But such complications are rare and can occur only when using a live vaccine. Prohibited to be vaccinated immediately after infectious diseases. Vaccination should be done 2 weeks after recovery. After receiving immunostimulatory medications vaccination should be done in a week. So it is safe to resort to preventive measure is vaccination.

In order to boost immunity it is recommended to follow a few simple rules: more Hiking, follow the diet, exercise, avoid stress, maintain a healthy sleep and on doctor’s orders to take vitamins and immune-boosting drugs that contain the missing elements in the body.

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