Immunosuppressant was the cause of miscarriage in patients with lupus

The drug cyclophosphamide, which suppresses the immune system, increases the risk of miscarriage unplanned pregnancy in women with systemic lupus erythematosus, according to the final data of the study, which ended recently in Brazil.

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is an autoimmune disease with a chronic course manifested by lesions of various organs and systems. Sick SLE mostly women. Symptoms of the disease mainly depends on the affected body systems, and its course is often unpredictable in nature. Although a causal factor in SLE is still unknown and a causal treatment aimed at this factor, there is the main therapy are drugs that suppress the activity of the immune system.

Dr. Clovis Silva (Clovis A. A. Silva) from the University of são Paulo and his colleagues examined 298 patients observed in 12 centers of rheumatology in Brazil. 24 unplanned pregnancy took place during the observation, the average age of pregnant women was 18 years. 18 of them ended in a live birth, 5 – a miscarriage, and was also 1 death – its causes were complications from premature birth. A more severe course was observed in those women who later suffered a miscarriage. Further analysis showed that the increased risk of miscarriage when taking intravenous cyclophosphamide was 26%.

Silva and his colleagues note that their data is a weighty argument in favor of contraception in patients with SLE, which is shown and has been on treatment with cyclophosphamide, however, they conclude, it should also be remembered that the desire to get pregnant and give birth to a normal child in these patients it is doable, but only if the relevant General condition.

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