Soluble vegetable fibers improve immunity

American scientists in their study were able to confirm the absolute correctness of the old English proverb “an Apple a day the doctor does not happen”. It turned out that the soluble fiber of plant origin able to significantly strengthen the immune system. Soluble fiber “preprogramming” the activity of immune cells so that they change from cell”aggressors” attacking an external enemy, in cells called”builders” that help the body recover quickly after a previous infection.

Researchers from the University of Illinois (University of Illinois) found that soluble fibers that are abundantly found in many familiar foods (apples, nuts, oats, citrus fruits, strawberries and carrots), can cause in the human body increased allocation of special anti-inflammatory protein called interleukin-4.

In laboratory experiments, two groups of mice received received different diets. One group received feed containing soluble dietary fiber, and other diet dominated by insoluble fibre, is also of plant origin. For inquiries: insoluble fiber – the fiber contained in foods such as whole grains and its products, bran, and lettuce. They are extremely useful for digestion because it improves peristalsis, however, as demonstrated in this study, fiber, unlike soluble fiber, can improve immunity.

Six weeks after the start of the experiment both groups of mice were given a special substance (lipopolysacharide) that triggered the body reaction similar to those that cause infection. Mouse from the group treated with soluble vegetable fiber, not only endured a painful condition is much better but also recovered faster.

“Two hours after injection of lipopolysacharide mouse from the group treated with soluble vegetable fiber, have been in a much better state and they have subsequently recovered in 2 times faster. The difference in the mice of both groups was pronounced within 24 hours,” says Christina sherry (Sherry Christina), a researcher who participated in the experience.

Researchers believe that because soluble fibers have such a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, food manufacturers should specify on the packaging what plant fiber – soluble or insoluble – is contained in a particular product, which would allow customers a choice.

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