Suspiciousness greatly reduces the immune system

Sooner or later, every practicing physician is confronted with patients suffering from hypochondria, hypochondria is manifested by fear of Contracting some dangerous disease. But scientists have discovered that hypochondria weakens the body’s defenses.

In its extreme manifestation of hypochondria is a specific mental disorder – it causes a person begins to travel from the office of a doctor in the other’s office, convincing the doctors that he is sick, “something very serious”.

The best Dr. in this case, such a patient becomes the psychiatrist, as some time constant unfounded fears of Contracting a disease are considered to be independent – she received the official name of “hypochondriacal disorder.”

But, in addition to damage to your psyche hypochondriacs can harm and physical health – always feeling a sense of fear is nothing but high stress weakens the immune system.

This with experiment brilliantly proved by American researchers from the University Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh (Carnegie Mellon University).

They were selected to participate in the experiment 360 volunteers, healthy men and women aged approximately 33 years. The state of participants ‘ health was assessed objectively using an in-depth examination.

Then all participants were asked to give subjective evaluation of their state of health using a 5-point scale, where 5 meant “excellent condition” and 1 is “very bad”.

In the next phase all participants with their consent, was exposed to the virus that causes mild flu – 5 days later the symptoms manifested approximately 32%.

Analysis of their responses in the evaluation of health showed that the lower was this assessment (this is, incidentally, a perfectly healthy person), the higher was the chance of participants getting sick after contact with the virus cold.

The risk was lowest among those who at the first stage of the study assessed their health status as “excellent”.

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