The choice is yours: “Bong” marijuana enhances the mood, but disarms the immune system

A powerful blow to the supporters of the legalization of marijuana was the message of us researchers, who found that even a few precious puffs of smoke are dangerous shock to the immune system. And people who regularly relax with the help of “joint”, some time later, it was virtually defenseless against the hordes of enemies attacking his body both on the outside (bacteria and viruses) and from inside (his own cells turned cancerous).

Scientists from the University of South Carolina (University of South Carolina) found that tetrahydrocannabinol – the main active ingredient of marijuana, which has psychoactive effects, also has the apparent ability to immunosuppression, i.e. suppression of the immune system in the human body.

Moreover, the stronger the weed, i.e. the more THC, the naturally stronger impact on immunity.

The researchers called cannabis a double-edged sword: on the one hand, it causes serious damage to the brain and intelligence (high risk of schizophrenia) and on the other, which had been neglected by scientists, drastically reduces the immune system.

In experiments with mice, after entering in their body of THC, scientists have discovered in their blood significantly increased levels of specific immune cells (MDSC – monocytes which have stayed-dependent suppressor cells).

Normally, these cells suspend the activity of the immune system after suppression of bacterial or viral aggression that the immune system began to fight the cells of the body. However, the presence of MDSC cells in large quantities, leads to suppression of immune system, which opens the way for destructive invading microbes and cancer cells.

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