The immunity of the newborn is determined by the method of its birth

Children born through natural childbirth, have a much better immune system. However, infants born with cesarean section are more at risk for the development of various allergic diseases such as asthma and food allergies, as they receive less beneficial microflora – the passage of the fetus through the birth canal it supplies the body with beneficial bacteria, which largely excluded “, Caesar’s” children.

A joint study of the Puerto Rican and American scientists, indicates that although the number of children born through caesarean section has been steadily increasing around the world (especially in developed countries), but the good in this trend a little. The baby came into this world through natural childbirth, receives from her mother a kind of “start in life” – a set of beneficial bacteria that quickly form his immunity.

The researchers studied the microflora of 9 expectant mothers in age from 21 to 33 years, and when it came to light their infants (10 in one case, were born twins), of neonates within 24 hours after birth, took swabs from the oral cavity and the skin surface. “Sets” of bacteria in children born through caesarean section differed substantially from the “sets” of microorganisms that are discovered in children born naturally. The last colony of microorganisms largely coincided with the microflora of the mother, and the “C” children was a significant contrast to the microflora of the mother’s body.

In children born through caesarean section, were discovered bacteria that can cause skin disease, acne, diphtheria, and food poisoning, which was not observed in children who were born in natural childbirth.

“We were able to determine which bacteria settle in the body of the newborn in the first hours after birth. We can say that infants who passed the birth canal of the mother receive almost all microflora from her. Meanwhile, born after cesarean section, the newborn may obtain the microorganisms from the first person who will take him in his arms. It could even be his father, who was present at the birth,” says Dr. Elizabeth Costello (Elizabeth Costello), co-author of the research.

She stressed the importance of informing expectant mothers, who increasingly require obstetrician conducting caesarean section, about the benefits of natural childbirth for the health of their future children.

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