Three days of fasting and the immune system “like new”

Many illnesses, from influenza and tuberculosis to cancer and psoriasis, developing due to disruption of immunity. But scientists from the US have discovered a new health paradox – those who are hungry cells of the immune system start to upgrade with great speed.

Although most doctors are very reluctant to the idea of fasting, however, American scientists have found a grave of dignity, of complete abstinence from food for several days.

Researchers from the University of southern California (University of Southern California) found that fasting for only 3 days leads to an increase of the update rate of leukocytes of all types.

The common name of “leukocytes” or white blood cells joins the cells of the immune system of several types, which perform different tasks, grouped, however, one common goal – to protect the body from external aggressions (viruses, bacteria, fungi), as well as to destroy the damaged cells of the body.
A special value of the discovery, which was made by American researchers, is that the results were obtained during experiments involving humans.

On the instructions of scientists, several dozen volunteers for 6 months periodically arrange periods of almost complete starvation lasting from 2 to 4 days, and the researchers studied the status of their immunity through the analysis of blood samples.

The authors also reported that starvation for 72 hours significantly reduced side effects in cancer patients treated with anticancer drugs.
Of course, all these results are preliminary and must be confirmed in these clinical trials involving hundreds and thousands of patients.

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