To deceive our immune system the microbes cleverly “playing” with viruses

The opening of the American scientists special “strategy” resorted to the causative agents of many infectious diseases, including tuberculosis, is of great importance. The researchers found that these microbes are capable to cause an inadequate immune response.

Employees of the University of California at Los Angeles (University of California Los Angeles) found that some pathogenic microorganisms, once in the human body, begins to secrete special substances that signal the immune system that has been attacked by viruses and not bacteria.

As a result of “disoriented” immune system begins to fight a nonexistent enemy with funds, which are not for microorganisms virtually no threat.

To combat pathogens that have penetrated into the body, the immune system employs two specific proteins: beta-interferon, which neutralizes viruses, gamma-interferon, the main weapon to combat pathogens.

However, the activation of the immune system with beta-interferon leads to a decrease in the expression of interferon gamma that creates “crafty” bacteria ideal conditions for growth and reproduction.

As the authors of the study, a similar property in the expressly have Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which largely explains the current global epidemic of this disease.

“Bacteria are like the wolf in sheep’s clothing: they are literally deceiving the immune system, causing it to fight against viral infections, which simultaneously reduces the possibility of immunity to resist the real enemy,” concludes co-author of this research Professor Rozan Teles (Teles Rosane).

She adds that this discovery also explains the causes of severe pneumonia developing as a complication of influenza. The body gives all the power on the synthesis of beta-interferon to resist the virus (in this case a real), but then won’t have the resources for the formation of the desired amount of gamma interferon to fight off bacteria that can cause pneumonia.

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